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The name arborvitae, is a Latin form of the French, "l'arbre de vie," which means, "tree of life."

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Linnaeus, the Swedish botanist who assigned the Latin name to this species, picked up on other traits.


The genus name, Thuja, is from a Greek word for perfume.

Squeezing the evergreen leaves releases an aroma that is nothing less than nature's perfume.


The specific name, occidentalis, means "west," the direction from Sweden where this tree was discovered.

Interesting Information About Plant:

Arborvitae was the first tree from North America to be introduced to Europe when French explorers brought the tree to Paris.  The tree became a valuable asset when, on one of Jacques Cartier’s long sea voyages in 1536, it was discovered that a tea made from the bark and leaves cured scurvy. 


In 1558, the tree appropriately received the name “arborvitae,” meaning “tree of life” in Latin. The oil from these trees is still used today for medicinal purposes.


While traditionally the soft wood was used for canoe frames and starting fires, today it is used as lumber, especially for poles, posts and cross-ties.  In North America, the Oriental arborvitae is mainly used in landscaping.


Many varieties of shape are available, and the tree can even be maintained as a hedge (with persistent trimming). 

Our Trees/Our Photos

All the photos of this website were taken at our Emerald Arborvitae field in Oregon.

Trees, LLC

Typically, the Emerald Arborvitaes on our fields will not look as well as when they are planted at your residence or commercial application. The reason is that they are out in the field, let me explain.


When we delivery the arborvitaes, we inform the homeowner or "planter" that fertilizer and proper water irrigation is necessary for proper care of trees. Out in our fields the ground is raw and natural and at home, the planter is able to give the trees more attention, love, and nutrients.


That said, when trees are ordered we literally dig them out and wrap them in treated or untreated burlap. We take care of our trees constantly and desire that the new owners will enjoy them for years to come. So whether for landscape design or privacy walls, we will do our best to serve and get you the trees you need or desire! 

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